Webcenter Certification Training 101, 201


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Webcenter Certification Training (via Zoom)

Saturday, Jan 23, 2021 (8am -1pm pst)
Speakers: Webcenter Certified Trainers

WCT 101: Succeeding with WebCenter: 
The maWebCenters Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and
duplicatable system for building your unFranchise as a WebCenter Owner.

Workshops: 4-part Appointment Setting Workshop & Goal Setting Workshop
The Product: How does our product compare and benefit your customer
The Opportunity: WebCenter goal setting and action plans
Simple Sales Approaches: How to sell appointments
Using Your WebCenter: Your WebCenter and You
Business Building: Duplicating WebCenters in your organization

-2020 Certified WebCenter Trainer of the Year Russell Polo,
-2019 Certified WebCenter Trainer of the Year, Chwen Lim,
-2018 Certified WebCenter Trainer of the Year Semerah Killingbeck,
-Multiple WebCenter Challenge and WebCenter contest winner Carmen Ames,
-WebCenter Challenge Winner and Contest Winner Dan DeLong,
-WebCenter Challenge Winner Jack Hammel

Jan 23, 2021 ( Saturday)
Class Time: 5 hours | 8am - 1pm (Pacific time) | Cost: $15 USD (reduced cost normally $25)

Online All-Star WCT101 Training cost will be $15.00 USD. Join link will be provided upon submission of payment and registration details via email. Be sure that you enter the correct email address. Space is limited! To register, please click this link below. 

All Stars WCT 101
WCT 201: Advanced Selling & Networking (coming soon in Feb)
** You must take the 101 class to register for the 201 class.
This is a class that can truly improve your sales and networking skills with WebCenter and with
any University Major. It also features a call workshop so you can leave the class with booked