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創業説明會( UBP)

So excited to invite our Certified WebCenter Trainer Chwen Lim as our
Mandarin UBP speaker dated on Wednesday, October 21 @7:30pm (PST)
Please register here * FREE
or Zoom ID: 976-7279-2377
Before joining Market America, Chwen Lim was a graphic art web designer and art teacher. She was accidentally found by this Unfranchise business while she was looking for a system for her web business and a product that could help her health. Not only can she accompany her children to grow up at home and enjoy the freedom of time, but she can also provide SME website services and enjoy additional income. She has also traveled throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, selflessly training many entrepreneurs in three languages.
*Awarded Webcenter Trainer of the year 2009 + 2019
*Won multiple challenge awards

非常期待下周三 10月21日的中文UBP超连锁创业说明会,特邀嘉宾 林春.

她加入美安前,是平面美術網頁設計師及美術老師, 爲了尋找系統和能幫助自己健康的產品, 不小心竟被這超連鎖事業找到。不僅能在家陪孩子成長,享受時間自由,還能提供中小企網站的服務,享有額外的收入;她的足跡也遍佈歐洲,亞太區域,以三種語言無私的培訓許多企業家。
*2009 + 2019年度最佳 Webcenter 培訓講師

今天她在美安生意收入每4周佣金$4,500-$7,499, 请你锁住下周三,听她的分享!
免費 註冊登記, 預留位置! 一次機會,改變一生!
Zoom ID: 976-7279-2377

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