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Internet Sales & Marketing Trainings

Saturday, 1/20/2018
Speaker: Chwen Lim
Venue: Larkspur Hotel 40 Ranch Dr., Milpitas, CA
On-line Registration: > ISM trainings


SHOP.COM: Providing your customers a better way to shop 
9:30am - 12:30pm | cost : $10 USD
Learn the various tools and features of SHOP.COM so that you can match the right feature
to the right customer. Class will be able to participate in live demos. (Bring your laptop)

BUILDING YOUR SHOPPING ANNUITY: Convert Spending into Earning
4:00pm - 6:00pm | cost : $10 USD
Educates UFOs and their guests about the Power of the Shopping Annuity
The class will take the Shopping Annuity Assessment together.

Leveraging Technology to build a solid UnFranchise Business
7pm - 9pm | cost : $10 USD
Educate UFOs about the various websites and resources they have for promoting sales and
for expanding distribution.